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On the 4th of July 2014 our black pearl Rumba gave birth to four puppies, among which there were two black & tan girls. The dad of these cuties is a beautiful dog Acaju de Passeriphane owned by Mr Jerzy Olszewski (Sylena Cavaliers). From the very beginning we knew that one of them will stay with us. And she did... :-) Unique "Unia" - a small, clever, lovely and very joyful :-) Time goes bye and Unia is still our lovely, maybe a little shy, little girl, who conquered not only our hearts, but also the hearts of all those who know her!

ACAJU de Passeriphane

RUMBA Pomeranian Beauties

UNIQUE Pomeranian Beauties

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born: 04.07.2014

Ewa & Witold Rudzinscy

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