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Our gorgeous Bella, our lovely girl... Born with no litter mates, Bella was initially meant to leave us but as the time passed we became so attached to her that we have decided to keep her in our home!

TINTIN Pomeranian Beauties - tata Belli

And then, when she was around 5 months old, she had an accident. Three operations and a long physio... We will be eternally grateful to the people who helped us then! Because of them, but also thanks to Witek's determination, Bella has recovered and apart from a mild metatarsal contracture, lives just like the rest of our pack! She is incredibly clever and sweet. Her smart eyes follow everything that happens around her. She is such an intelligent dog that we sometimes expect her to reply to us with a human voice when we talk to her ;-) She can simply read our minds... Well, we simply love this little spark!

SCARLETT O'HARA Pomeranian Beauties

BELLE ÉPOQUE Pomeranian Beauties

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born: 24.06.2017

Ewa & Witold Rudziński

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