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12.04.19 - And here, once again, is our new visitor from France: Jefferson de la Geode!

12.04.19 - We have some great news to share with you! :-)

First of all, our Amon Sylena has achieved two CWC certificates at the first two shows he entered in the Intermediate class, and he topped it up with one BOB! We are so proud of our boy! :-)

Secondly, we have puppies! On 1.03.2019 our Unique Pomeranian Beauties gave birth to a single boy, and on 16.03.2019 our Tiny Dancer Pomeranian Beauties gave birth to five puppies: four girls and one boy.

The dad of all six is our wonderful Little Mec de la Geode. Both mummies and all the babies are feeling great!

And the last fantastic update is: since 29.03.2019 we have a new boy in the house! The wonderful Jefferson de la Geode, from Rogera Madec's de la Geode cavaliers, came to stay with us for a year :-) Jefferson is a very clever, friendly and cheerful boy, and is already feeling at home with us!

Jefferson is EF and CCS clear, and his heart tests are also fresh and perfect. We are incredibly happy and proud of the trust that Roger has put in us, thank you so much once again!

06.02.19 - We would like to apologise that we have not given you any updates for so long. You know what the life of retired people is like... No free time at all! ;-) There were also some changes in Michał's life (he looks after our website) so we could never find the time to sort this out. But finally, here are some news!

Sadly two of our veterans, Norma and Harpo, have passed away... We have spent a big chunk of our lives with them and we will always remember them fondly. Somebody once said, the dogs' only drawback is that they live to short...

But we also had some happy moments! Our Maciek (Little Mec de la Geode) completed his Inter Championat, and Tintin became a Champion of Lithuania! :-) On top of that two new boys have joined our pack. The first one was a grandson of our Darek (Dark Cristal de la Geode) Amon Sylena, who last year immediately became a Junior Champion of Poland. A few months later we were joined by Sasha (Natali Teodorus Double Trouble For Rival). They both have their individual pages already where you can read more about our new arrivals!

And as always, although by now you might have forgotten this is what we do ;-), we invite you to have a look at our updated "Photo album"!

07.05.18 - We are very happy to tell you that on the 24th of April 2018 we had four puppies born at our home! The mummy of the three black&tan boys and one ruby girl is our ruby princess Tiny Dancer Pomeranian Beauties, while the daddy is our lovely Little Mec de la Geode. Tiny is a wonderfully caring mum. The puppies eat, sleep, and develop beautifully :-)

10.02.18 - The new showing season has already started and we still haven't told you what happened for us in late 2017. Let us catch up then!

We are very happy to say that 2017 was very successful for our dogs. Our TINTIN Pomeranian Beauties became an Interchampion! LITTLE MEC "Maciek" de la Geode became a Champion of Poland and then, at the Club Show in Tallin in Estonia (with 186 Cavaliers competing) he was awarded the Best B&T Dog title, came 3rd in Best In Show, and became a Champion of Estonia! He has also satisfied all requirements to become an Interchampion.

Our ruby girl TINY DANCER Pomeranian Beauties became a Champion of Poland and of Bulgaria in 2017. And our lovely DARK CRISTAL "Darek" de la Geode became a Veteran Champion of Poland :-)

We have also had one very sad thing happen to us... After two years of fighting and slow recovery, our RUMBA has passed away. She just fell asleep... Maybe she wass tired of this constant battle...?

But we want to finish on a very happy note! On the 6th of January 2018 our SCARLET O'HARA "Clara" and LITTLE MEC "Maciek" de la Geode became parents of five lovely puppies - two boys (one B&T and one ruby) and three girls (two B&T and one ruby). The puppies are growing and developing wonderfully, and Clara is being a perfect mum, just as she was in the past!

As usual, we have also prepared some new pictures for you to have a look at in out "Photo album"!

15.05.17 - Today Anne of Green Gables "Ana... Ania... Anulka" Pomeranian Beauties moved to her new Family: Beatka, Lukasz, Tymek, Emilka and Winnie Cooper Pomeranian Beauties. We're wishing you a lot of joy and fun together! :-)

24.04.17 - Anne of Green Gables, born on 8.11.2016 and reserved since she was 6 weeks old, was meant to live with her new family in Israel. For that reason she had to wait to be vaccinated against rabies and have the antibodies level checked first... And when the time has come, a tragedy at her new family ruined all the plans.

Anne already has permanent teeth (they're perfect) and has been given all the necessary vaccinations. She is EF and CCES free.

All information about her parents - Little Mec de la Geode and Tiny Dancer Pomeranian Beauties, can be found on our website. We will also be happy to serve with any detailed information, please feel free to email or call us.

15.04.17 - On April 1st and 2nd our Tintin Pomeranian Beauties (Dark Cristal de la Geode & Daylight Pomeranian Beauties), born on 28.06.2014, attended two dog shows in Serbia: in Jagodina on April 1st (the judge was Ms Marija Radovanović Munćan) and in Zaječar on April 2nd (the judge was Mr Željko Todorović). On both days Tintin entered the Champions' class and won CAC, CACIB and BOB! Already on the first day Tintin completed, before even turning 3 years old, an Interchampionat! He also brought the title of a Champion of Serbia back from this trip! It's already his fourth Champion title! :-)

Most of all, we would like to thank Ewa Kucko, who put so much love into preparing Tintin for shows, and turned him into a "ring animal", as she calls him! ;-) She won many titles with Tintin, she has also done a lot to achieve the most recent one - the Interchampionat! We'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We would also like to thank Mr Tomasz Michałowski, whose help allowed Tintin to visit Serbia, and Ms Ania Bystroń, who presented him there so wonderfully. Thank you so, so much!

28.01.17 - It's been so long since we last updated you on our stories! We'd like to apologize, and also quickly bring you up to date!

What happened at our home since July 2016? Well, we had puppies again! This time the mum of five babies (two girls and three boys) was Tiny Dancer "Tiny" Pomeranian Beauties (this was her first litter), while the happy dad was Little Mec "Maciek" de la Geode.

But before that happened, we had some nice results in a few dog shows! :-)

We took Maciek to the International Dog Show in Warsaw, then Tintin to a two days International Show in Lithuania. Maciek and Tiny went to the International Dog Show in Sopot, while Tintin went to Poznań to participate in the International Dog Show there. Most recently, we went to Gdańsk to show Maciek, Tintin and... Dark Cristal "Darek" de la Geode! Our Black Prince has made his debut appearance in the Veterans' class. It's unbelievable how the time flies...

All the results that our dogs have achieved (and they've done wonderfully! ;-) ) can be found on their "private" pages. Let us just mention here that Maciek has completed his Champion of Poland title! :-)

As always, you're warmly invitited to have a look at some new photos in our "Photo album"!
12.07.16 - On the previous Sunday Sunday, on the 3rd July, Witek and our dogs have achieved some fantastic results at the national dog show in Szczytno! We showed Little Mec de la Geode "Maciek" in the intermediate class and Tiny Dancer Pomeranian Beauties "Tini" in the open class. The judge was Mr Jerzy Olszewski.

Tini won her class with note Excellent, was awarded a CWC and the titles Best Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex. And Maciek... note Excellent, 1st in class, CWC, Best Dog and Best of Breed! :-) And it doesn't end here! He finished the show coming 2nd in Group IX (BOG 2)! :-) That was a fantastic day!

Last Sunday, Maciek went to Warsaw to compete in the International Dog Show. Again entering the intermediate class, he was awarded the 1st place, note Excellent and a CWC (the judge was Ms Astrid Lundava from Estonia).

There is one more joyful piece of news we'd like to share with you! :-) On the 28th of May 2016 our little Unia (Unique Pumeranian Beauties) gave birth to four puppies - 1 b&t boy, and 3 girls: 2 b&t and one ruby. The daddy of these cuties is our young Little Mec de la Geode "Maciek". The babies are 6 weeks old now and they are enjoying our garden, running around together with their 5 days elder "cousins" ;-)

You can find more information about our last litter on the "Puppies" page. Also, as always, please have a looks at some new photos in our "Photo album"!
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