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Rainbow Bridge

They were here with us for a short time... Too short...

Tragic event, human's irresponsibility... He left us in May 2016. Royal Hero's You Are So Beautiful "Yulek".

Danek left us in March 2016... We were lucky to spend many years together... but it still felt way too short. Royal Hero's Fever My Hope "Danek".

It all started with you, little girl... And we hope that it will go on. Xandra vom Oppermann - Schlößchen "Sanka", 30.03.2003 - 4.09.2015.

Our King has passed... "Papa" Kentucky Joe du Chateau Noblesse 20.02.2004 - 27.03.2015. See you on the other side Papa!

Tymon (Haker Sinkowcoon) arrived at our house in January 2009. A wonderful, clever and independent cat... We sadly lost him in spring 2014, due to an unfortunate accident...

"Visunia" (One Vision) was born in our house on the 4th of April 2012. She was the last puppy of Norma Jean. A bad illness took her away in September 2013...

"Fiesta" Festa z Bursztynowego Rodu (FCI) came to live with us in Wiślinka in February 2006. She died after a long and bad illness in April 2012.

"Judka" Judka Tarlang Bass joined our pack in July 2007... After a short, sudden illness, she left us in May 2009.

Maciek, who arrived at our house in March 2004 as a few months old cat from... Malbork (we used to call him our "Crusader from Malbork" ;-) ), left us due to an unfortunate accident in October 2008.

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